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Fund and empower digital creativity in NFTs with NFT FundHub: the cutting-edge platform for connecting creators and funders in one place.

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What is NFT Fund Hub?


Instant payments

Deception excluded. The funds are not stored on the system. All transactions, 100%, are from wallet to wallets of each member.

Raised Funds


5% for Development Team
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5% for Projects
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10% for Marketing
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Distribution of Funds

The Smart Contract is designed to distribute the funds that our Crowdfunding receives.

  • 5% for Development Team:

    All funds sent to this account will be used for the development and maintenance of the Crowdfunding project.

  • 5% for Projects:

    The funds allocated to this account will be reserved and used for the development of future projects.

  • 10% for Marketing:

    This account will be reserved and used for all Marketing activities.

  • 80% for Affiliate Members:

    80% is distributed among affiliated members.

Road Map

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